Life Lessons I Learned From Camping

I love camping! Growing up, both of my parents were teachers so we spent most of the summer months traveling as a family in our camper. All of my best memories from growing up took place on a camping trip. 

I didn’t realize it at the time but all of those camping trips provided a foundation for how I would live my life as a grown-up.

Lessons I Learned

Time Spent In Nature Is Therapeutic 

Whether you are hiking, admiring the wildlife, or taking in the scenery, spending time in nature is therapeutic. It allows you to be in the present and feel grateful. Nature has a way of grounding you and allowing you to see the insignificance of the troubles and worries that may overwhelm you at home. I try to get out in nature as much as possible, even if it is just being in my backyard.

Find Time To Just Be

While camping, there are many times you may find yourself just sitting by a fire or sitting at an overlook enjoying the views. There is no rush to be anywhere and no distractions. It is peaceful. You can incorporate this feeling into your life by limiting your commitments and setting aside time to do nothing. Every day I sit and enjoy a cup of vanilla chai without doing anything else.

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Pack Lightly

When camping, you pack the essentials. You plan your meals. You opt for multi use equipment instead of fancy gadgets. You focus on comfort rather than style. You simplify your beauty routine. You find things that are durable and you skip packing anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Even though at home you aren’t physically packing your belongings in and out of your home all the time, the lighter you keep your belongings the less load you will have to carry emotionally and mentally. 

Treat Everyone Like A Neighbor

You may have heard people say before that campers are the nicest people. I have to agree. I don’t remember a single camping trip where I didn’t meet happy campers. I love all the friendly “hello’s” as you’re walking through the campground, and I love how helpful everyone is.

Several years ago, on the first camping trip with our pop-up, my husband and I arrived when it was already dark. As soon as we started to unhitch, we realized that we had forgotten to bring something to place under our jacks. Before we could even begin to brainstorm about what we should do, our neighbors on either side of our site were out with their flashlights and pieces of wood to help.

I strive to treat everyone I encounter with my happy camper attitude. 

Go With The Flow

From bad weather to a less than ideal site, you never know what obstacles you might encounter while camping. Since you may only have a short trip planned, you make the best of these hiccups. This idea of going with the flow allows you to have an enjoyable trip despite these mishaps. When you apply this idea to your life, you can avoid getting caught at a roadblock when life throws you a setback, and instead, you can pivot and keep going.

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Hi!! My name is Suzanne and I live in central PA with my husband and three girls. I love yoga, pickleball, camping, spending time with my family, and decluttering!

23 thoughts on “Life Lessons I Learned From Camping

  1. I don’t camp much, but boy do I know the importance of packing lightly. Sometimes we pack stuff we need ‘just in case’, but all that does is clutter up your backpack—and life. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wrote a whole post about ‘just in case’ clutter. 😁 A life with only the essentials and the things that make me the happiest is all I need. Clearing out all the excess was the best thing I ever did.

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