What Is Hygge?

If you aren’t familiar with the Danish word, Hygge (hoo-ga or hue-gah depending who you ask) describes a comforting and cozy atmosphere. Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, wrote a whole book describing hygge which is called The Little Book Of Hygge Danish Secrets To Happy Living. Many people have become interested inContinue reading “What Is Hygge?”

Remembering The Best Dog Ever

I love how there are so many people who described their pet as the perfect pet. The connection between humans and animals, especially dogs, is amazing. Lex was my perfect pet. A little over twelve years ago on a hot July day, I went to the animal shelter with my boyfriend (now husband) to justContinue reading “Remembering The Best Dog Ever”

September Happiness Highlights

*One of my 2021 goals was to keep a Happiness Highlights journal. I plan on sharing some of my happy moments each month to hold myself accountable. I hope they help you pause and recognize all the great small things that are happening in your life.* My Happiness Highlights: Spending time with my nieces toContinue reading “September Happiness Highlights”