Find Happily Decluttered Tips in Hampden Neighbors Magazine

Last month I was excited to be able to share decluttering tips in a local township magazine. The Hampden Neighbors Magazine is a valued publication that offers a collection of upcoming community events, local interest stories, and highlights from small businesses. For my first month’s contribution, I decided to start with 5 Simple Steps toContinue reading “Find Happily Decluttered Tips in Hampden Neighbors Magazine”

How to Avoid Dining Room Table Clutter

That large, flat surface looks inviting when you enter your home with armloads of miscellaneous items. It’s easy to dump your stuff and then go about your day. However, once clutter starts to accumulate on your dining room table, it creates problems. The Issues A mess in plain sight is not visually pleasant.  You areContinue reading “How to Avoid Dining Room Table Clutter”

How to Let Go of Difficult to Part With Clutter

When you are decluttering your home, most clutter you come across can quickly be labeled as trash, recyclable, or needing to be donated. But what do you do about the items that you know you don’t want or need, but the garbage can, recycle bin, or donation center just don’t seem right?  These items canContinue reading “How to Let Go of Difficult to Part With Clutter”

December Happiness Highlights

*One of my 2021 goals was to keep a Happiness Highlights journal. Each month during the year I shared some of my happy moments to hold myself accountable and to help you pause and recognize all the great small things that are happening in your life.* Previous Highlights January February March April May June JulyContinue reading “December Happiness Highlights”