Service Agreement

Please read the following information prior to your first session and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

The Client [you] agrees to engage Happily Decluttered to provide the following services:

  • Removing clutter from the project area.
  • Sorting removed clutter depending on the method of disposal.
  • Rearranging remaining belongings.
  • Discussing strategies to maintain the area.
  • Any additional duties such as facilitating the removal of clutter, conducting check-in sessions, or any other mutually agreed-upon task.

Happily Decluttered will guide the Client in decision-making. However, the Client will have complete control over the decisions regarding the fate of their belongings. All belongings sent with the consultant become the property of Happily Decluttered and will be donated, sold, given away, or repurposed at the consultant’s discretion.

Happily Decluttered will not be liable for any loss, cost, or damages unless the said loss, cost, or damages were due to negligence or willful misconduct.

Happily Decluttered will charge the Client for the session(s) at the rate discussed during the consultation. Additional fees may be applied depending on the payment method. Payment is expected at the time of service. A fee will be applied for late payments, bounced checks, or any other issue with payment.

By allowing photographs and videos to be taken the Client grants permission to use photograph(s) and video(s) in any publications or publicity materials (including but not limited to books, newsletters, video, and Web use), in perpetuity.

Any changes to scheduled appointments must be made 72 hours in advance. If less notice is provided, the Client may be responsible for half of the original appointment cost.