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  • The Liberating Power of Decluttering
    Decluttering is the process of getting rid of the excess. It can be done in any area of your life, from your belongings to your schedule to your thoughts. But what are the benefits of decluttering? Why should you bother? One of the main benefits of decluttering is that it creates freedom! When you have less stuff, you have less to worry about. You don’t have to spend as much time cleaning and organizing. You don’t have to waste money on things you don’t need or use. And you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the sheerContinue reading “The Liberating Power of Decluttering”
  • Do you have too many clothes?
    As a decluttering consultant, I work with individuals and families to help them remove the clutter from their lives. Lately, I have been working with multiple clients that keep clothes all over their house. Stuffed in closets, stored in totes, piled in the living room, hanging from the shower curtain rod, and various other places.  Does any of this sound like you? Do you have too many clothes? Before Getting Started -Set a limit. Designate an area or two (closet, dresser, etc) that you will store you clothes. This area will be your guide for how manyContinue reading “Do you have too many clothes?”
  • How To Avoid Clutter Collecting Habits
    When most people start talking about decluttering, they focus on the clutter in their house. But it is equally, if not more important to think about how it got there in the first place and current clutter collecting habits that add to the problem.  As soon as you start decluttering your house, you should also plan to stop clutter from coming in so you don’t end up in an endless cycle of incoming and outgoing clutter. It may not be obvious at first to identify your clutter collecting habits, but by making a few changes, it will becomeContinue reading “How To Avoid Clutter Collecting Habits”
  • Back-To-School Shopping Tips
    School is starting up again soon, so that means you have probably been seeing back-to-school sales going on the last few weeks. All the new school supplies and new clothes look appealing and the deals may seem irresistible, but before you go out for your back-to-school shopping, check out the tips below so you don’t end up with back-to-school clutter. Back-To-School Shopping Tips *Do these things with the help of your kid(s).* If you have normally gone back-to-school shopping with your kids in the past and you plan on a more minimalistic approach this year, expect someContinue reading “Back-To-School Shopping Tips”
  • I am thankful to be Happily Decluttered
    What are you thankful for? It is a question many of us contemplate this time of year. Being Happily Decluttered has made me incredibly grateful, and I want to share with you some reasons why. I hope it will inspire you to declutter some items from your home that no longer serve a purpose.  I am thankful I have less. I am thankful I have less physical stuff in my home. Less stuff means less to clean, less to fix, and less stress. Due to having less, I am more relaxed and have more time to doContinue reading “I am thankful to be Happily Decluttered”

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