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“[Suzanne] cut through the overwhelm.”


  • I am thankful to be Happily Decluttered
    What are you thankful for? It is a question many of us contemplate this time of year. Being Happily Decluttered has made me incredibly grateful, and I want to share with you some reasons why. I hope it will inspire you to declutter some items from your home that no longer serve a purpose.  I am thankful I have less. I am thankful I have less physical stuff in my home. Less stuff means less to clean, less to fix, and less stress. Due to having less, I am more relaxed and have more time to doContinue reading “I am thankful to be Happily Decluttered”
  • Declutter your To-do List
    Do you have a project or task that needs tending to that has been stressing you out? Consider hiring a small business owner to help you out!
  • How to Declutter and Stay Decluttered
    Simply wanting to have a decluttered home and removing items is not enough. Having this mindset is the first step, but it doesn’t stop there. Decluttering and staying decluttered is a lifestyle change that involves changing your habits and relationship with things. 
  • A Peek Behind the Scenes with Happily Decluttered
    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with me? Check out Lisa’s post about her experience watching me with a client. After the process, I even worked with Lisa in her own home!
  • Decluttering the Kitchen
    Keeping fewer kitchen items is key to keeping your kitchen clutter-free. Items in the kitchen are always on the move and can pile up if you have too many and you aren’t in the habit of tidying as you go. Make a few changes in these four areas and feel the difference! Shopping Habits Be intentional about what you are picking up at the grocery store. Plan your meals using what you currently have, and only pick up items to complete the meals. Assign food storage locations. Hold off on buying more food when those spaces fillContinue reading “Decluttering the Kitchen”

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