My decluttering journey started in 2015 when I was preparing a room for my first child. Bargain shopping was my hobby and I had accumulated LOTS of stuff! I chose the closet as my starting point in the room that would soon be a nursery and I quickly realized that most of it (meaning all but one or two things of my stuffed-full closet) was stuff I didn’t need.

After I was done with the project, I felt better, lighter. I continued working through sections of my house, decluttering more and more. With every item I removed, I felt like I was gaining something better.

I decided to start this website so I could share my experience and offer tips and tricks to make the decluttering process easier for others. Over the past several years I have learned ways to blend minimalist ideas and an environmentally-conscious lifestyle in a way that allows me to be true to myself and my family. My house doesn’t look like a picture out of a magazine and it isn’t always clean or picked up (I have three little kids!) but everything inside of it serves a purpose and is useful. It is easier to maintain because there is just the right amount of stuff for me and my family.

Decluttering my home (as well as other aspects of my life) has freed up my time and energy and has allowed me to be happier. I now have a stress-free home and more time to spend with the people I love, doing the things I love! I hope that you are able to implement some of my ideas so that you can be your happiest too! I would love to help you become Happily Decluttered.


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