Jennie’s Review

I had an area that was a crazy mess from an insane move. Boxes that had been torn out to find one item and shoved back in a corner, papers all over the place… Uugghhh. I was embarrassed to let anyone even see it, but [Suzanne] was so professional. A crazy dog and a cryingContinue reading “Jennie’s Review”

Lisa’s Review

Suzanne helped me tackle a huge project that was weighing on me for a long time. I still cannot believe how much we accomplished in one afternoon! If left up to me it would still be causing me stress but now my basement is clean and organized and is a really useful space again. IContinue reading “Lisa’s Review”

Erin’s Review

Suzanne/Happily Decluttered helped to organize and set up a functional and maintainable kitchen in our home after we moved. Suzanne was extremely helpful, thoughtful and great to work with. She helped to totally transform our pantry and cabinets and I will definitely be calling her again! -Erin

Elisia’s Review

Suzanne is amazing!!! She helped me and my 10 year old daughter clean her room. She treated my daughter as an equal part in the process, being patient and kind to my daughter as she sorted through her items. She helped us implement strategies to continue fighting clutter that we will use for years toContinue reading “Elisia’s Review”

Shannon’s Review

Let’s face it – We all have that one thing we buy, use it once, then throw it in a drawer or on a shelf just in case we need it again… and never use. Or things for that “project” we have been meaning to start for months, or even years that have done nothingContinue reading “Shannon’s Review”

Becky’s Review

Suzanne was amazing to work with! She helped me tackle my garage that hasn’t been touched in almost a year and a half, since my last move. She was patient, kept the process moving and was extremely motivating. She asked questions and got feedback on where things should go based on my daily life/use ofContinue reading “Becky’s Review”

Megan’s Review

Suzanne was wonderful! She cut through the overwhelm to get my shed and garage under control, all the while giving me tips and tricks so I can learn to declutter for myself. She also was personable and easy to chat with, which helped make the time fly. -Megan

Liz’s Review

Suzanne did an amazing job helping me clean up a few areas that had literally just become a catch-all for things we didn’t know what to do within a house that we are quickly outgrowing. She helped me sort through everything and used such a practical approach when helping me decide if I still trulyContinue reading “Liz’s Review”

Morgan’s Review

Suzanne was such a huge help, she is very thoughtful in her process and really takes the time to hear your needs and uses of a space and then makes her recommendations on how to optimize furniture and space there. she spent a few hours with me, we cleaned as we went, wasn’t afraid toContinue reading “Morgan’s Review”

Tisha’s Review

Suzanne was so helpful! She helped me to simplify my home based on what we needed and used the most. We went through and got rid of the things we didn’t need! It’s amazing to have so much more space. I can think more clearly without all the clutter around now! -Tisha