Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I decided to write a blog post about the things I am thankful for in regards to decluttering. After I decluttered my house several years ago I have noticed a big difference in myself and how I live my life.

This sign hangs in my living room by some family photos

I am thankful…

I have less

I am so thankful I have less physical stuff in my house. Less stuff means less to clean, less to fix, and less to worry about. Because of that I am more relaxed and I have more time to do things that make me happy.

The things I do have all serve a purpose and make me happy

Before I decluttered my house there were things that I kept around just because I felt that I had to. But every time I saw them or I thought about them it would make me feel stressed.  Letting those things go helped me let go of all the negativity associated with them. I’m thankful that everything in my home now is a reflection of me and who I am at this moment in time. I am living in the present. I am not burdened by the past or stressed out by the future.

Everything in my home has a place

Life is messy and so is my house most of the time! (I have three girls, who at the time of this post are 2, 3, and 5) However, everything I have has a place and when I need my house to look presentable I can get everything put away and cleaned up rather quickly. I am thankful that my girls are always eager to help with this and know where everything goes. My husband is still learning, but he tries.

An awesome painting a family member made for my girls!😁

I am more eco-friendly 

Now that I am more mindful about what I bring into my home, I have made the conscious decision to look for eco-friendly options. I am thankful that I am able to do my part to help the environment and that I can teach my children these valuable lessons while they’re young. I also have been doing my best to produce as little waste as I can. It has been a fun challenge and I’m continually evaluating what changes I can make. 

I pass on outgrown or unloved items before they are ruined

For my family this is important because my girls are growing and changing quickly. I am aware of everything that is in my home and I have built into my routine a way to recognize when an item doesn’t serve a purpose any more. This allows me to pass it on to a friend, sell it at a consignment sale, or donate it so that it can bring someone else happiness. I am thankful that I can give these items new life so they don’t just become neglected and end up being destroyed and prematurely ending up in a landfill. 

I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving tomorrow! Leave a comment and let me know what you are thankful for!