Do you keep things around just in case?

  • Clothes that don’t fit- just in case you lose weight.
  • Old hobby supplies from 10 years ago- just in case you decide to start again.
  • Nintendo games from the 1990s – just in case they are worth money.
  • Furniture you aren’t using- just in case you decide to use it someday.

It is easy to hold onto something by telling yourself it is just in case but the reality is most of that stuff is just clutter.

  • Are you actively working on losing weight by exercising or dieting? If not, donate the clothes that don’t fit you.
  • Are you even interested in starting up your old hobby or do you even have time for it? There is a good chance that you have found a new hobby which is why you gave up the old one. Be honest with yourself and give away your old hobby supplies to someone who will use them.
  • Have you taken the time to look up how much your old NES games are worth now? Do you have any intention of finding out the best way to sell these items? If not, what makes you think you will do these things later? Donate them or create something with them.
  • Why are you not using this piece of furniture now? Did you replace it? Is it out of style? Donate it or give it away to someone who will use it.

Keeping something just in case is typically an easy way of putting off getting rid of something. When you come across an item that you don’t want to get rid of but you don’t need or use, think twice before deciding to keep it just in case. The sooner you pass an item on that you no longer need the better shape it will be in. How many times have you pulled something out of your attic or basement years after storing it only to discover that it was unusable and ruined?

Don’t take up your valuable space storing things for a just in case future. Let go of the items that you don’t need and embrace the present.

Do you use the just in case excuse? What are your thoughts on keeping something just in case?