Cups and Mugs Clutter Challenge

One of the most difficult parts of decluttering is just getting started. That is why I decided to create some mini-challenges to help you start the process and gain momentum. You can even help hold yourself accountable by joining in on the conversation in the comment section and letting us know when you complete each task. I’ll be here to help if you run into any problems and to cheer on your successes! Let’s get started!

This Week’s Challenge

Cups and Mugs

Approximate length of time to complete: 20 minutes

Step 1: Getting ready

Pull all of your cups and mugs out of your cabinet. Remove any other items that have found their way into this space as well. Using a little soap and warm water, wipe the empty cabinet space. Step back and enjoy how clean and uncluttered the shelves look!

Step 2: Evaluate the items that you removed

  • Consider the number of people in your household. If you don’t use disposable products, also consider how many guests you typically entertain at one time.
  • Check for chipped, stained, or faded cups and mugs to be discarded or donated.
  • Donate any gifted cups or mugs you don’t care for.
  • Check your stash of freebies. Do you keep all the refillable cups you get from sporting events, zoos, or amusement parks? Instead of keeping these mementos buried in your kitchen cabinets unused, repurpose them! You can use plastic cups as a cutlery holder for parties, to start seeds, or to organize craft supplies or other small items.
  • Relocate items that don’t belong with your cups and mugs.

Step 3: Return the items

You should be left with your favorite items to put away. As you put away your cups and mugs, group them by size and primary use. 

Step 4: Make a plan

Look over the collection of items that you removed to be thrown away, donated, or repurposed. Make a plan so you don’t accumulate the same items again. Maybe you need to challenge yourself not to buy any more coffee mugs unless one needs to be replaced. Perhaps you need to stop bringing home the small plastic cups your kids get when you eat out. Whatever it is, write it down or tell your family members. Do whatever you need to do to hold yourself accountable.

Congratulations! You did it!

If you completed this clutter challenge and you would like to share your thoughts, questions, or tips you have discovered, leave a comment. 

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Hi!! My name is Suzanne and I live in central PA with my husband and three girls. I love yoga, pickleball, camping, spending time with my family, and decluttering!

8 thoughts on “Cups and Mugs Clutter Challenge

  1. Coffee mugs are a declutterer’s nemesis. I am the only person in our house who drinks hot beverages, yet we have SO many coffee mugs. Every time I declutter, I find more to get rid of. Last year, I think I got rid of 1, this year 4 more, a couple of years ago I donated about 12 of them, and I sent 6 or 8 to college with my daughter. Yet, I still have more than I need. I have vowed to NEVER buy another coffee mug as a gift for anyone.

    1. It is a small, simple change but if you spend each morning picking through a cluttered collection of mugs, it will make a big difference. My mugs live on open shelving so keeping only my favorites helps keep my kitchen tidy and orderly.

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