Signs you should hire a Decluttering Consultant

If something in your home isn’t working and you don’t have the skills to fix it, you hire a professional. 

If a pipe breaks, you hire a plumber. You hire an electrician if you have an electrical issue. Hiring a Decluttering Consultant is the first step to helping you slim down your possessions and learn strategies to keep your home clutter-free. 

Reasons to declutter your home

  • You are overwhelmed by all the stuff in your home and constantly feel behind. 
  • You own a lot of things that you don’t use. 
  • You need space for a new baby, new hobby, or new career.
  • You are moving or have recently moved, and the thought of packing/unpacking has you stressed. 
  • You can’t find items that you know you have.
  • You frequently discover things you didn’t know you had.
  • You’re getting older and want to be proactive. You don’t leave a house full of stuff for your family and friends. 

Tackling your clutter is something that you can do on your own. However, it is important to know when your project requires help so you can avoid making a bigger mess. 

Signs you need extra help:

  • You don’t even know where to begin.
  • You are unable to list the items that you have in a particular drawer or closet. 
  • You feel like you are always behind on housework.
  • You run out of steam after decluttering a short time.
  • You feel like you are just shifting items around and not getting rid of anything. 
  • You leave decluttering projects unfinished because you get frustrated.
  • You know you have too much stuff, but you haven’t done anything about it on your own.
  • You get distracted easily. Any attempt at decluttering turns into an organizational project. 

How a Decluttering Consultant can help:

  • You will be guided on where to start and how to work your way through a project.
  • You will be kept on track and focused on the current project. 
  • You will receive advice as you work that is specific to you and the clutter issues you face. 
  • You will gain knowledge as you go, so you will feel more confident and motivated to continue decluttering your entire home.  

If you are interested in learning more about hiring a Decluttering Consultant, contact me!

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Hi!! My name is Suzanne and I live in central PA with my husband and three girls. I love yoga, pickleball, camping, spending time with my family, and decluttering!

9 thoughts on “Signs you should hire a Decluttering Consultant

  1. I love this! Decluttering is my happy place and is therapeutic for me. I just followed your Facebook and looking forward to more posts! Any ideas on how on how to overcome family members that are hoarders? Every 1 thing I’m successfully able to get rid of, my family replaces with 10 things! It’s a never-ending struggle. Thank you for posting this.

    1. Decluttering is therapeutic for me as well. Thanks for following my Facebook page!

      Family members who like to keep everything can be a little tricky. What I have noticed that works best for helping to keep the peace is for the person who is on board with decluttering to start focusing on their stuff first (clothes, hobbies, etc.). The next step would be to move to common areas that they are the most responsible for managing (example: Kitchen if you do most of the cooking). During this whole process, it is important not to try to guilt the relunctant party into decluttering anything. Nine times out of ten the other famliy member will start to notice a difference in the decluttering person (happier, less stress, less time cleaning/looking for things) and start asking questions or may even declutter a small area of their belongings.

      If the family member is a true hoarder, an expert would need to assist.

      I hope that helps!

  2. I am ok with my organizing and arranging. Only some things like containers are extra. I am streamlining to have more time to do more reading and writing as I am an Author and publishing articles online 🙂

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