Decluttering the Kitchen

Keeping fewer kitchen items is key to keeping your kitchen clutter-free. Items in the kitchen are always on the move and can pile up if you have too many and you aren’t in the habit of tidying as you go.

Make a few changes in these four areas and feel the difference!

Shopping Habits

Be intentional about what you are picking up at the grocery store. Plan your meals using what you currently have, and only pick up items to complete the meals.

Assign food storage locations. Hold off on buying more food when those spaces fill up.

When trying new foods, buy the smallest amount possible.

Revise your recipes to use up the whole amount of something instead of leaving half-empty containers of food.


Compare duplicates side by side. Keep your favorites and pass on the extras that you like the least.

Think about your family size and lifestyle when deciding how many of each item to keep. Make sure you have a good reason to keep something; “just in case” doesn’t count.


Inventory your gadgets and consider giving away anything you haven’t used in the past year.

Consider getting rid of big and bulky gadgets if you have something else in your kitchen that accomplishes the same thing.


Deal with incoming mail as soon as you bring it into your home.

Keep a designated spot for current projects or items that need repairing. Plan a time to complete them.

Give your kids space to hang up their school work or artwork.

The above tips were first found in the Hampden Neighbors Magazine in the June 2022 editions.

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