Do you have too many clothes?

As a decluttering consultant, I work with individuals and families to help them remove the clutter from their lives. Lately, I have been working with multiple clients that keep clothes all over their house. Stuffed in closets, stored in totes, piled in the living room, hanging from the shower curtain rod, and various other places. 

Does any of this sound like you? Do you have too many clothes?

Before Getting Started

-Set a limit. Designate an area or two (closet, dresser, etc) that you will store you clothes. This area will be your guide for how many clothes you can keep.

-Deside on a system for doing laundry so you can put your clothes away immediately. 

Steps to Declutter

1. Clear that area that you plan on storing clothes.

2. Sort all of your clothes into categories.Long sleeve, short sleeve, dress pants, casual pants, etc. *

3. Start with the clothes you wear most often. If you need to dress nice for work, you may want to start with your dress pants or blouses. 

4. Select your favorites and return them to your designated clothing area. Remove anything with stains or tears that cannot be repaired. Also, remove items that are no longer your style or don’t fit. 

5. Continue this with each category of clothing. If you run out of room before you get through all your categories, you’ll need to revisit what you saved and remove your least favorites. 

*If you have so many clothes that you can’t combine them all to sort into categories, do this in each space you have clothes (spare room, living room, etc). As each rooms clothing collection gets smaller, you can start to combine to get your clothing back to a managable amount. 

Don’t Forget to Maintain

-Assess your wardrobe before or after each season to keep your closet current. 

-Donate all extra hangers so you aren’t tempted to fill them again.

-Monitor what you actually wear. You can do this by flipping your hangers and then returning them correctly after an item is worn. After a few months have passed, you can re-evaluate the clothing you haven’t worn. 

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Hi!! My name is Suzanne and I live in central PA with my husband and three girls. I love yoga, pickleball, camping, spending time with my family, and decluttering!

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  1. When I decluttered my clothing, my goal was to fit everything in my bedroom closet and dresser so I wouldn’t have to do the twice-yearly seasonal switchover. It saves me time and I never seem to be short of something to wear! Great tips, Suzanne.

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