30 Reasons to Declutter

If you have already begun decluttering, you most likely have experienced some beneficial side effects that you weren’t expecting. 

The following list includes the benefits that I experienced after decluttering my home. Some I noticed immediately, and some happened over time. Although some may not seem directly related to decluttering, they all stem from owning less.

Reasons to Declutter

More time.

More space.

Less to clean.

Less stress.

Fewer distractions.

Better productivity. 

A sense of peace.

A visitor ready home.

More appreciative.

Time to explore new hobbies.

Save money.

Time for self-care.

Be present.

Help others with donations.

Better health.

Smaller to-do list.

Easier to make decisions.

A sense of control.

Increase creativity.

Make money.

Easier to prioritize.

Feel more relaxed.

Better sleep.

Sense of accomplishment.

Easier to let go of the past.

More thankful.

More intentional.

Improved relationships.

Less mental clutter.


Join me in owning less and enjoy these benefits as well!

Published by Suzanne- Happily Decluttered

Hi!! My name is Suzanne and I live in central PA with my husband and three girls. I love yoga, pickleball, camping, spending time with my family, and decluttering!

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  1. Yes, and I haven’t finished. I am not one for clutter but I live in a very small apartment and I work from home. I get crowded out but I never let it get too far. I have just done some bits and pieces and it makes the environment so much better.

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