Find Happily Decluttered Tips in Hampden Neighbors Magazine

Last month I was excited to be able to share decluttering tips in a local township magazine. The Hampden Neighbors Magazine is a valued publication that offers a collection of upcoming community events, local interest stories, and highlights from small businesses. For my first month’s contribution, I decided to start with 5 Simple Steps toContinue reading “Find Happily Decluttered Tips in Hampden Neighbors Magazine”

Top Decluttering Questions Answered by a Fellow Declutterer (Guest Post)

Today I am collaborating with Michelle over at Boomer Eco Crusader to share our answers to some top decluttering questions that we often get. Michelle has a lot of amazing ideas about decluttering, being eco friendly, and much more! After you check out her answers here, you can pop over to her blog to readContinue reading “Top Decluttering Questions Answered by a Fellow Declutterer (Guest Post)”

4 Tips To Help You Start Removing Clutter

Did you decide you are going to get rid of some of the excess clutter in your home? This is totally doable and will lead you to more time, more happiness, and an overall sense of feeling good. If you do a quick Google search you’ll find there are many benefits to decluttering your home. Continue reading “4 Tips To Help You Start Removing Clutter”

Decluttering: Get Started!!

You have made the decision to remove some clutter from your life. You are ready! For your first decluttering session, you should pick an area that you use frequently. Don’t focus on an entire room, break it down into manageable projects. For example, if you want to start in your bedroom; your dresser, the closet,Continue reading “Decluttering: Get Started!!”

Preparing for a Decluttering Project

Before you start to declutter your home, read these pointers to make sure you are prepared. What you need before you dive in: Boxes and/or trashbags Cleaning cloth Vacuum Understanding of local donation centers accepted items policy Understanding of trash/ recycling accepted items policy Label boxes and bags: Donate– Most of the stuff you decideContinue reading “Preparing for a Decluttering Project”

Decluttering: Now or Never

At some point, you may have taken a look at your stuff and felt overwhelmed. It could be because you were searching through piles of stuff for a missing item, you feel like you’re always cleaning your house, or you don’t feel relaxed in your home. The list goes on and on. Instead of dealingContinue reading “Decluttering: Now or Never”