How to Declutter and Stay Decluttered

Many of the clients I work with are stressed out about the number of items they have in their homes. They want their homes to be functional, but the overwhelming amount of stuff makes the task seem impossible. Some of my clients have been working on getting organized for years with no success. So why can some people declutter and keep their homes tidy and orderly, and why do others struggle? 

Simply wanting to have a decluttered home and removing items is not enough. Having this mindset is the first step, but it doesn’t stop there. Decluttering and staying decluttered is a lifestyle change that involves changing your habits and relationship with things. 

Defining wants and needs

These days we are bombarded with messages telling us that more is better and you need to have ______. However the reality is, we need very little. We don’t need the latest phone, all those clothes on sale, or every kitchen gadget. The purpose of advertising is to convince you that you need something, and the goal is to make money for the company. You need to train yourself to recognize advertising techniques and not be persuaded by them. 

Learning to embrace the simple pleasures

Slow down and appreciate the simple things in life. Find time to watch your kids play, enjoy a warm drink in silence, or make time for a hobby. When you stop rushing from event to event and racing through life, you can find contentment in what you have. Overtime, this will help you want new things less because you will begin to realize that you are happy just the way things are.  

Seeing things as things 

Seeing things as things is the most difficult concept for many clients that work with me. Many people give extra meaning to the items that they own. Some transfer their memories to them, while others keep a price tag attached to everything. Think about your belongings in terms of what they are. Each item you own is what it is. However much you spent on it or whoever it belonged to before shouldn’t affect your decision for keeping something in your home. What matters now is that you like it and use it/display it. 

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