At some point, you may have taken a look at your stuff and felt overwhelmed. It could be because you were searching through piles of stuff for a missing item, you feel like you’re always cleaning your house, or you don’t feel relaxed in your home. The list goes on and on.

Instead of dealing with the issue, many people find band-aid solutions. They buy expensive organizational systems, rent a storage unit, or just dump boxes of stuff in their garage, attic, or basement. Don’t do this!

It may make you feel a little better at first but if you want to stop having your stuff stress you out for good, you need to remove the things that don’t serve a purpose in your life.

I suggest starting in a small area of your home that has items that don’t hold any sentimental value. The idea is to just get started. Once you start you will gain momentum and each project will get easier and easier.

5 minute Challenge:

Step 1: Pick your junk drawer, a bathroom drawer, your purse, or something of similar size and dump everything out into a pile in a clear space (like on a table or on the floor).

Step 2: Clean the space with a damp cloth or handheld vacuum. Take a second to enjoy the clean empty space!

Step 3: Quickly (don’t overthink it) sort the items in your pile into two groups (keep and remove). While you are doing this be sure to inspect your items for stains or damage. Also, be aware of the amount of something that you have. For example, if you have a box of 500 paper clips and you do all your “paperwork” online, maybe consider just keeping a couple.

Remember- You are not looking for perfection, so don’t stress out about individual items. The goal of this challenge is to practice the basic idea of decluttering and to get started.

Step 4: Return your keep items to their home and trash/recycle/donate the items your chose to remove. If you found items that don’t belong, ask yourself where you would go to locate that item if you needed it and take it there. For example, if you found a tool in your junk drawer, you can relocate it to your toolbox.

Congratulations, you started! If you continue to pick one small space a day for a week you will start to see the benefits! Check back next week for my post about preparing for a bigger decluttering project.

Be happy!