Lately I noticed that many bloggers are writing about gratitude journals and it got me thinking…

I had attempted writing in a gratitude journal in the past, but it didn’t last very long. It was an assignment from a professional development course I was in and it felt forced and structured. I didn’t get anything out of it at the time. However, I knew that the basic idea was good. I didn’t really think of it much again until I started seeing all of these recent posts brought on by the holidays. So right after Thanksgiving, I went out and bought a journal and wrote for the first time on the evening of December 1st (one week ago).

The journal I selected.

While writing my first entry, I decided my goal was to jot down positive parts of my day at the end of each day. I wanted to focus on small moments that made me happy. A happiness highlights journal, if you will.

“Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”

– Kurt Vonnegut

Moving forward, I have decided that I will share some of my happiness highlights from the week with all of you in hopes that it will remind you to enjoy the little things. It will also hold me accountable for continuing my spin on a gratitude journal.

Some Happiness Highlights from my first week:

  1. My girls and I made some exfoliating hand scrub to give out as Christmas gifts. They loved helping out and it was fun to do something all together.
  2. My Aunt gave us a yummy hot chocolate mix with some Russell Stover Melt-Away Santa’s. It was sooooo yummy! We have been drinking a cup almost every day.😁
  3. Saturday morning my girls performed an impromptu concert of Disney songs while I enjoyed a cup of vanilla chai.
  4. We went on a family hike.
  5. My blog has 23 followers now. Yay!
  6. I made a pumpkin pie, sea salt caramel cookies, and sparkling butter cookies this week. Yum.
  7. Sunday I had some time to enjoy a quiet walk to the store alone.

Be happy! Don’t forget to enjoy small moments!

What are some of your happiness highlights from this week?