Christmas Celebrations: Finding the Positive in Less

Normally, the month of December for me and my family is filled with parties, cookie making get-togethers, concerts, milk and cookie storytimes, and many more Christmas themed activities. It is always fun and exciting!

I think it goes without saying that this December has and will continue to be much different. *Covid

Although it would be very easy to be bummed out by the changes, I decided to stick with my motto I have been using during this whole time with Covid. Just go with the flow and find the positive. 

I have embraced the concept of less is more in pretty much every other aspect of my life so it seemed like it was worth giving it a fair shot in celebrating the holidays. I could easily focus on all the things we are missing out on this year but I decided to make a list of the things we are gaining.

What my family has gained this holiday season:

  1. More time to listen to Christmas CDs.
  2. More time to play board games as a family and drink hot chocolate.
  3. More time to make homemade Christmas gifts.
  4. More time to relax and enjoy our Christmas tree and decorations.
  5. More gratitude. (Click here to read my post on starting my happiness highlights journal this month)
  6. More calm moments and less stressful ones.
  7. More time to enjoy a cup of vanilla chai and watch my kids play.
  8. More time to spend with my dog.

What are some things you have gained this holiday season?

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