Focus On The Positive: Happiness Highlights

Each day is filled with moments. They range from awesome to horrible and can fall anywhere in between. It’s easy to allow the negative moments to overtake your day. I’m guilty myself of getting caught up in negative news, bad attitudes, and disappointments. And if I’m not careful, I might even end up saying that I had a bad day. But we (myself included) have to remember they are just bad moments. Some days might have more than others but we can control which ones we focus on.

My Journal

End the day with positive thoughts

Last week, I wrote about starting my Happiness Highlights Journal. So far, I have been keeping up writing in my journal each night. I’m really glad I decided to write in the evening as my last thing to do because I’ve noticed that I’m able to fall asleep a little faster and I think it’s because I am focused on all of the good that happened during the day instead of thinking about something negative. I also am happy to say that since I started I haven’t considered any day a “bad day”.

It might seem obvious that by ending the day with positive thoughts it can change your outlook on the whole day but it is something that you have to consciously decide to do. If you feel like you have been having a lot of bad days, I challenge you to start recognizing and acknowledging positive moments. There are a variety of ways to do this.

What I did to focus on the positive

The way I decided to do that was to jot down my happy moments at the end of each day. I’ve noticed that by doing that I have become more aware of them in the moment and I appreciate them more.

Some of the rocks we have found!

Here are some of my Happiness Highlights from this past week:

  1. I received a notification that I hit 50 likes on my blog posts! I’m not sure if that is good or not but I was happy to see it.
  2. Along with my Christmas tree, I use a lot of lights to decorate the inside of my house. I sat one evening with only the Christmas lights on and just enjoyed the atmosphere.
  3. I started reading some books on meditation. Adding meditation to my day is a new goal for me and I’m pretty excited about it.
  4. I made the most delicious scalloped potatoes for a side dish on Saturday night.
  5. My oldest daughter and I made some cool earrings together on Sunday afternoon.
  6. We went on a family walk to look for “finding rocks” as my kids like to call them. My kids and I are always super excited to find a painted rock and then either re-hide it or bring it home to the little rock garden we started.
The earrings we made. We found the charms at Michaels.

What are some of your happiness highlights from this week? Have you posted about a gratitude journal or something similar in the past? Post a link in the comments, I would love to check it out!

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12 thoughts on “Focus On The Positive: Happiness Highlights

  1. Congratulations for 50 likes on your blog posts.
    Its really a thing to feel happy.
    I loved your DIY, even I like doing DIY.
    I too posted DIY in my blog posts and I loved your earrings.
    Happy Blogging 🙂

    1. We started walking a lot more when everything shut down back in March and we just randomly started finding the rocks. My kids thought it was really cool and it has become really fun for me too! I’ll check out your post now.😀

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