How many times have you noticed something that needs to be done and you tell yourself “I’ll do that…later.”

  • A bill that needs to be paid
  • A broken toy that needs to be fixed
  • An appointment that needs to be made
  • An email that needs a response
  • Laundry that needs put away 
  • A room that needs to be straightened 
  • A bed that needs to be made
  • A mess that needs to be cleaned up

When is “later”? When things just sit around they become clutter, both physically and mentally. Do yourself a favor and set aside time to go through all of your clutter that has been waiting for “later”. 

Moving forward, avoid this clutter trap by taking care of these things as soon as you notice them or schedule a time to do so. Telling yourself you will do it “later” is just an excuse and a quick way for clutter to accumulate.

What “later” clutter are you going to take care of today?