5 Benefits of Mandala Dot Painting

When my normal techniques for quieting my mind failed to work on the repetitive sad memories that kept replaying, I decided to try something new.

I stumbled upon Mandala Dot Painting by accident but I was intrigued as soon as I saw the beautiful, symmetrical art. 

I would not say I am an artistic or creative person but working on Mandala dot paintings has been an enjoyable process with many rewards. 

Benefits of Mandala Dot Painting

  1. Be Present – Working on a Dot Mandala requires focus and allows you to be completely present in the moment.
  2. Clear Mind – Counting dots and focusing on placement keeps your mind clear from all other thoughts.
  3. Relax – Most likely due to being present and a clear mind, creating Dot Mandalas is very relaxing and calming. I like to listen to a CD of nature sounds while I work to increase this feeling.
  4. Express Yourself – Many times in stressful situations we aren’t given the opportunity to express our feelings. Working on Dot Mandalas is a creative outlet to express yourself and release some emotions.
  5. Control – The lack of control in many situations is what causes stress and fills our minds with unwanted thoughts. Creating a Dot Mandala allows you to create something and gain a sense of control.

My creations aren’t perfect but I love them for the experience they provided. I look forward to experimenting with different techniques and improving my skills but mostly I look forward to the process of working on my Dot Mandalas and the amazing benefits.

My Mandala Dot Paintings I have created so far.

Have you tried Mandala Dot Painting? Do you have a hobby that allows you to experience mindfulness?

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4 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Mandala Dot Painting

    1. It is very fun and relaxing! Despite not being artistic, I have been happy with how all of my paintings have turned out. I know I have a lot of room to grow but it is nice to not feel discouraged or inadequate (like I have felt before when attempting other types of art).

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