Earth Day is right around the corner. Start celebrating now (and always) by treating the Earth as if it is your home. It is!

At our houses, we all do our best to provide a clean and safe place for our families. But, what happens when we leave our properties? 

We have all seen litter while we are out and about but how often do we do anything about it? 

Litter can make a place appear less beautiful, seem a little sketchy, or even make a place dangerous. The Earth is home to all of us, join me, and do your part by picking up litter when you can.

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By picking up litter you may inspire others to do the same. 

You would be doing your part to help your community look its best and be safe for everyone. 

Imagine if we all picked up trash when we noticed it.

Challenge yourself to help reduce the litter in the places you visit. Attempt to pick up, and properly dispose of, one piece of trash a day (or about 30 pieces a month).

Together we can make a difference.