Do you find yourself rushing around throughout your day and feeling overwhelmed or anxious? You may want to consider simplifying your life. 

By living a more simplified life, your days will feel calmer and you will be able to live more in the present. The moments of your day will flow more fluidly and you will experience more positive emotions and less negative ones.

If this sounds appealing, considering giving the following suggestions a try.

Cut Back on Commitments

Being busy doesn’t make you important and it isn’t a status symbol. Slow down and enjoy your life. Filling up your calendar and rushing around makes it difficult to prioritize what’s important.

Be present.

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Having less stuff will free up time spent cleaning and looking for things. It also creates a more calming atmosphere so it is easier to sit back and just relax.

Check out 4 Tips to Help You Start Removing Clutter if you want a little guidance to get started.

Limit Choices

Having too many choices overcomplicates the decision-making process. Don’t give yourself excessive choices. For example:

  • You don’t need cable and every streaming service available. Pick one service, or better yet, none.
  • When you want a night off cooking, stick with one or two of your favorite local places to visit. You’ll spend less time debating about where to eat and more time enjoying your dinner.
  • When you find a good mechanic, handyman, hairdresser, or other professional, continue to use them as your go-to instead of continuously shopping around.
  • Find a style that suits you, and eliminate those extra “just in case” clothes.

How you recently made any changes to live a more simplified life?