Earth Day is quickly approaching so I thought it was fitting to share some environmentally responsible decluttering tips. Check out the list below for some simple ways to respect the Earth while you declutter.


Whenever possible, recycle unusable items instead of trashing them. Keep tabs on local events to find options for difficult to recycle items. In the past, I recycled an old humidifier through our electric company and two car seats at Walmart (I even made money doing that!).

Donate Or Sell Unwanted Items

Unwanted items that are still usable should be donated or sold. Selling items takes time and motivation, so think it over before deciding to go that route. One option is to bring your items to a consignment shop. Just find a way to get usable items to others.

Reduce The Number Of Chemicals You Use To Clean Your Home

Having a specialty cleaner for everything takes up a lot of space. Not to mention all those chemicals are bad for you and the earth. Simplify how you clean by using more basic cleaners that work on multiple surfaces and are less harmful.

Reduce The Number Of Cosmetics You Use

Like cleaners, many cosmetics have a list of questionable ingredients. Plus, all those small containers! Simplifying your beauty routine will save you time, money, and space.

Discontinue Using Or Find A Replacement For Single-Use Items 

There are so many single-use items that people pick up for convenience without thinking much about how much waste they are creating. Napkins, paper towels, paper plates, and plastic straws are some common ones. After you use up a single-use item, try living without it for a while. If you find you miss it, you can always find a zero-waste alternative.

Shop Smarter

Be more mindful about what you bring into your home. The less you buy, the less waste you will create.

How do you focus on being environmentally friendly when you declutter?