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One of the most important parts of the decluttering process is establishing a place for all of your belongings. If you don’t have a set place for where your things live they will quickly find their way onto countertops, floors, or other random places. This will make your house appear cluttered, despite your efforts to remove unwanted items.

Below is a list of common items that are typically found randomly around a home, creating a cluttered look. Check out the list and see if any apply to you. You may need to create a home for some of these items or even rehome them if they never make it to where they belong.



Bills that need to be paid

Things that need to be fixed 

The book you are reading

Reading glasses/ sunglass




Pet toys/ accessories 

Join the conversation. Leave a comment below sharing where you keep some of these common items.

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Hi!! My name is Suzanne and I live in central PA with my husband and three girls. I love yoga, pickleball, camping, spending time with my family, and decluttering!

13 thoughts on “A Place For Everything

  1. Keys – we hang on hooks on the kitchen wall.

    Glasses – my biggest issue. I take mine off to read so they can be found anywhere depending on where I am when I need to read something. I can’t tell you the amount of time I spend looking for my glasses. I tried a granny string but ended up breaking my glasses when the string got caught. HELP!!!

    1. Glasses are probably the trickiest ones on the list if you are taking them on and off throughout the day.

      My suggestion would be to determine the places in your home where you read the most (maybe the living room, kitchen, and/or bedroom). In those places, you could use a small tray or short vase and keep it near where you keep your reading materials. That way when you reach for a book, magazine, cookbook, or whatever else you might be reading you can drop off your glasses in the tray/vase and then pick them back up when you return the book.

      I don’t wear glasses so I would be very interested to hear what others have set up for this in their home!

      1. That’s a great idea. Reading books isn’t too bad. My biggest problem is when I need to take them off to read a label or a recipe or instructions on how to do something. That could happen anywhere in the house which is why I can never find my glasses.

  2. Well I am someone who has hardly any clutter and Very Neat and Methodical. But being Human here goes……

    Shoes are all kept properly in a hurry, kept somewhere else!
    Keys also are in place But same thing in a hurry “In the wrong place!
    Things to be fixed…..well not always done in Time……unless I have to stay with certain things I cant do without!
    Books are mostly Magazines and being a avid Reader – they are plenty and all over But kept all in order and neatly in piles.
    Reading glasses I need them always But have two pairs, as sometimes I cant find where one pair is!
    Bag, purse, wallet. Yes all in my Tote bag. But suddenly I have gone to the shops, without my purse with money and cards that I have to come back!
    Nothing much with Umbrella as there is “Undercover parking”!
    Remotes, O my one of the door remotes went into the washing machine! and still to get it done!
    Do not have pets now so no Toys!

    Now look what you have done!
    Being poet You have got me to write in a way of A poem, alright 🙂

    Greetings from Brisbane Australia and Blessings for Good Health coming Your Way <3 🙂 <3

    1. Glasses would be tricky when you need to take them on and off depending on what you are doing. I wonder if creating a designated resting place in each room would be beneficial. You still might have to check multiple rooms for them but at least you would only have one place to look in each room.

  3. Great post, Suzanne! We have a coat closet near the front door, so outdoor shoes worn the most & jackets & coats live there. (Hiking shoes live in the back of my car – never leave home without them!) Because I was always losing my reading glasses, I keep several pairs on hand at all times now. One pair stays on the bar by the kitchen, one on the coffee table near my evening perch, and one on the book(s) I am in the process of reading beside my bed. It’s my life partner’s work stuff that gets piled up outside his office that bugs me the most! 🌞

    1. I am not at all surprised you keep your hiking shoes in your car! 😁❤️

      I think that is a great idea for your glasses. My dad does the same thing and he even has a pair at my house for when he watches my girls.😀

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