How to Let Go of Difficult to Part With Clutter

When you are decluttering your home, most clutter you come across can quickly be labeled as trash, recyclable, or needing to be donated. But what do you do about the items that you know you don’t want or need, but the garbage can, recycle bin, or donation center just don’t seem right? 

These items can vary along with the reason you feel attached to them. Many times these items end up remaining in your home as a result of your inability to make a decision.  You may not like the items, don’t use them, or don’t even display them, but for some reason, you feel like you can’t just dump them off someplace. 

These difficult to part with items need a little bit more of a plan for you to part with them, and that’s okay! Sometimes, all it takes is a little research into your local community and you can find a place that makes it easier to part with your clutter. Giving your item(s) a purpose and a specific place to go can make you feel better and make the process of letting go easier.


  • Find a new mom who would benefit from the toys and clothes that your children have outgrown. 
  • Identify a family who lost everything due to a fire or other unforeseen circumstance and give them the extra furniture that is stored in your attic.
  • Give your China set to a family member or friend who is moving into their first place. 
  • Donate your gently used clothes that no longer fit you to an organization like Dress for Success.
  • Locate a library, school, or retirement home to take the books that are filling up your bookshelves. 

Taking the extra time to locate a meaningful place to send your unwanted family heirlooms, your baby’s first toys, or the clothes that you spent a large sum of money on can allow you to feel rewarded instead of apprehensive. Once you see how the things that are just taking up space in your home can make a world of difference to someone in need, the whole process feels easier. 

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10 thoughts on “How to Let Go of Difficult to Part With Clutter

  1. This is excellent advice. I don’t really have an issue donating items I no longer need. My issue is with sentimental items. For example, all the papers I wrote getting my Masters degree. Or my old Barbie dolls with faces rubbed off. I plan to give my kids (once they buy a house) all the mementos or toys I saved when they were little, and let them decide. But man, some of the sentimental items I just put off deciding. I also have craft items scraps that I keep in case I need them. I need to buck up and throw that out, too. But I think, well, wait a bit… I don’t have to get rid of now.

    1. Sentimental items are tricky for many people. Just keep in mind that you can recall those memories without the actual objects taking up space in your home. Often it helps if you can box up these items and put them out of sight for a set amount of time. It is easier to see that those memories are still there even without the actual stuff.

      As for the craft items, I would suggest seeing if a local school, nursing home, or library would take them. It may be easier to pass them along if you can find them a good home.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post and share your thoughts!

  2. Most things I don’t have any trouble parting with. Any I was unsure about in my first round of decluttering, seem to be an easy decision in round 2.

    Last year, when my daughter finally decided to part with her gently-used stuffed animals (some of them like brand new), we looked for a charity to take them with no success. We ended up donating them to the local Salvation Army thrift store so another child could enjoy them, and someone else could benefit from the good works the Salvation Army does with the money they make from their store.

  3. Gah, I tend to hold on to certain items because I ‘may’ use them again someday, but realistically I haven’t touched any of them in years. Maybe I should relook this. I’ve also left a ton of clutter in my parents’ house, namely my books, and I wonder what’s going on there. Thanks for the reminder, Suzanne!

    1. If you haven’t used them in years, pass them along and enjoy the free space!

      FYI- I posted my first YouTube video a couple of days ago. It is just a quick intro to my business, but you’ll be able to “meet” me. You can get to it from my website if you click on the YouTube icon.

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