Addressing Long-Term Storage Clutter

If someone asked you to write a list of what you have stored in your attic, basement, garage, or storage unit, would you be able to tell them most of what was there? If not, it is probably time to take a closer look at the belongings you have in long-term storage.

Problems with long-term storage spaces

  • They can be inconvenient to get to (crawl spaces, attic access, storage unit location).
  • Out of sight, out of mind. Many belongings are forgotten about after they end up in long-term storage due to inaccessibility. 
  • These storage spaces can be prone to extreme temperature changes.
  • These locations could have a potential for water damage.
  • It can be troublesome to retrieve items. You may need additional help getting your belonging up or down steps. 
  • These storage spaces can be expensive (storage units).
  • These spaces have a better purpose than becoming storage areas (parking a car in the garage, attic ventilation, and insulation).

Address long-term storage clutter

Don’t let your long-term storage clutter sit around and cost you money, take up valuable space, or rot away due to poor storage conditions. Take action and address your long-term storage clutter now. 

Addressing clutter in these areas takes a bit more time because you may come across old forgotten belongings that you get caught up looking through. If you find yourself doing this, set those boxes aside and focus on getting through as much stuff as possible. 

Items you should declutter:

  • Items that you forgot about and can’t immediately think of where you would put it or how you would use it.
  • Anything broken, deteriorated, or otherwise unusable. 
  • Holiday decorations you have stored but never bother to get out.
  • Any past mementos that make you feel unhappy. 
  • Anything that you are storing for someone else. Contact the owner to get the item. Give them a deadline and donate the item if they fail to make arrangements to get it.
  • Old hobby supplies you no longer use.
  • Items you kept, just in case the new version you bought didn’t work out.  

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7 thoughts on “Addressing Long-Term Storage Clutter

  1. I feel like I am always decluttering my basement. I save things I might use someday. I am still trying to find the happy medium in that – saving some but not everything. I also have things from my parents that I don’t really want. But I feel guilty getting rid of them. I think perhaps one day I will treasure these things more. No hurry, as we don’t plan to move. I’ll keep plugging along.

    1. Thanks for asking, Lisa! It is going really well. I have been having so much fun meeting people in the small business world and learning all the ins/outs. I’ve had a steady stream of clients that keeps me busy but still allows me plenty of family time with my girls.

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