Find Happily Decluttered Tips in Hampden Neighbors Magazine

Last month I was excited to be able to share decluttering tips in a local township magazine. The Hampden Neighbors Magazine is a valued publication that offers a collection of upcoming community events, local interest stories, and highlights from small businesses. For my first month’s contribution, I decided to start with 5 Simple Steps to Take Before You Start to Declutter.

Below are the 5 tips you will find in the March issue:

5 Simple Steps To Take Before You Start To Declutter

Are you ready to start eliminating the clutter from your life? Before you jump in, review the following tips to help ensure your efforts are paired with best practices to keep you on track.   

  1. Unsubscribe or unfollow any notifications that encourage you to shop. (store emails, shopping apps, etc.)
  2. Only shop when you need something. Avoid browsing or window shopping.
  3. Keep a donation box somewhere handy in your home; When you come across items that you no longer want or need, immediately add them to the box.
  4. Begin to think about decluttering as a shift in your lifestyle. It is not a one-time project.
  5. Pick a relatively small, nonsentimental area to start. Decide the purpose of the area before you begin. 

Hampden Township residents can find the above tips in the March issue. For additional tips to help you declutter your home, room by room, check out each upcoming issue of the Hampden Neighbors Magazine.

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