Declutter your To-do List

Do you have a project or task that needs tending to that has been stressing you out? Do you dread looking at it or thinking about the project? Maybe you are avoiding the task or you lack the time. No matter what the issue is, the mental impact these to-do items create is a real problem.

When you find yourself feeling this way, consider reaching out to a small business owner for help. You will be helping out your local community and freeing up some valuable time and mental space for yourself. 

Recently, I have reached out to several small businesses for help. Let me tell you from experience getting help was worth it. If you are local, I highly recommend these four ladies. If you are not local, I hope my stories will inspire you to look for local business owners in your area to help you get a task off your to-do list. 


Lisa Hahn Photography

Lisa is an amazing photographer. If you read my last post, you already saw that I worked with Lisa to capture some branding photos for my business. Before contacting Lisa, I was wracking my brain to find ways to get high-quality images of myself working. My attempts left me flustered and unsatisfied. I was wasting time and energy trying to do something I wasn’t good at. After working with Lisa in two short sessions, I have a collection of photos I love. These photos have allowed me to increase engagement on my Facebook page. I have also used them to make my website better! Check out Lisa’s website to find out more about what she offers. 

Kimmel’s Cleaning

One of my favorite parts of living a decluttered lifestyle is that I am not constantly cleaning.Through owning less, I have found a rhythm that works with my habits and home. However, my husband and I recently completed a DIY kitchen renovation. Doing it ourselves saved us a bunch of money, but it took a lot longer.

Throughout the different stages of the project, we had supplies and materials sitting everywhere. In addition, we were working a little bit here and there, which led to a continuous cycle of dust. I decided to halt cleaning until the end. To give you an idea of the chaos, I had to fight through a maze of boxed-up cabinets for two weeks to get to my desk to work. When everything was complete, I looked around at the dust created by the work on my fans, walls, and pretty much everywhere else.

I decided I didn’t want to use up an entire day or more of my time to deep clean and get my house back to my standards. That’s when I contacted Jenn. Jenn showed up to check out my space and gave me a reasonable quote. While I spent the morning hanging out with my one daughter and my afternoon taking care of behind-the-scenes business tasks, Jenn and her team deep cleaned my whole home!! I love to declutter, but I hate cleaning. Having this huge task completed for me felt amazing! If you need a deep cleaning after a project or just a regular cleaning, check out Kimmel’s Cleaning. You’ll be glad you did. 

Simply Staged to Sell

I contacted Betsy from Simply Staged to Sell to get her advice on my living room. As her business name suggests, she stages homes to sell, however, she can also stage your current furniture in your home. I contacted Betsy for help because I recently needed to replace two hand-me-down chairs that had hit the end (and then some) of their lifespan.

I had visited stores and tried shopping online to find the chairs I liked, but I was having a difficult time. Ever since becoming Happily Decluttered, I no longer enjoy shopping. The process of searching for chairs made me feel frustrated and bored. I sent Betsy some pictures of my space and some photos of the type of furniture I liked. In no time, she responded with some awesome ideas for how to set up my living room. She sent me great ideas for chairs and a bench for under my window. She also showed me designs of how to incorporate those items with other items in my space.

Betsy helped me reimagine my room and bring in some style. I know how to declutter and repurpose furniture, but Betsy shared the much-needed style advice and support. If you need your home staged to sell or if you are at a loss for designing your space, contact Betsy.

Small business owner, Betsy, helped me find these chairs.

Health Coach

After becoming Happily Decluttered, I naturally shifted to eating better and taking care of my body more. Some things were easy, like buying more whole foods and practicing yoga. But some things made my head spin. Was my protein bar a healthy option or just junk food in disguise? Again, I tried doing some internet searches, but with all the conflicting information, I felt like I was going in circles. I turned to my trusted friend, Morgan, who recently became a health coach. Morgan gave me many great tips that were easy to understand and put into practice. Plus, she frequently shares healthy recipes to make dinner planning easy. If you have been trying to eat healthily and implement healthier habits, follow Morgan’s Facebook page

Morgan- Small business Health Coach

Each of these experts went above and beyond and satisfied my high expectations. The quality of their results, combined with the time it saved me, was well worth the money spent!! I encourage you to support small businesses and take a load off yourself.

Happily Decluttered offers in-home decluttering sessions to help you declutter and stay decluttered! Contact me for more information.

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