I am thankful to be Happily Decluttered

What are you thankful for? It is a question many of us contemplate this time of year. Being Happily Decluttered has made me incredibly grateful, and I want to share with you some reasons why. I hope it will inspire you to declutter some items from your home that no longer serve a purpose. 

I am thankful I have less.

I am thankful I have less physical stuff in my home. Less stuff means less to clean, less to fix, and less stress. Due to having less, I am more relaxed and have more time to do things that make me happy.

I am thankful the things I do have all serve a purpose. 

Years ago, before I decluttered my home, there were things that I kept around just because I felt that I had to. Those items would make me feel stressed just looking at them or thinking about them. Letting those things go helped me let go of all the negativity associated with them. I am thankful that now everything in my home reflects who I am at this moment in time. 

I am thankful everything in my home has a place.

Life can be messy! I have three girls (ages 4, 5, and 7), and my house gets messy, like everyone else. However, having a place for everything means that I can quickly get my house back in order with the help of my family during a reset time at the end of each day.

I am thankful I am more eco-friendly.

Decluttering is not just about what is leaving your home. It is also about what is entering it. Now that I am more mindful about what I bring into my home, I look for eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible. I am thankful that I can do my part to help the environment and that I can teach my children these valuable lessons while they are young. 

I am thankful I pass on outgrown or unloved items.

I am mindful about what enters and exits my home. My habits and routines help me recognize when an item doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. Keeping up with this allows me to pass outgrown or unloved items on to a friend, sell them at a consignment sale, or donate them. I am thankful that I can give these items new life before they become neglected and end up being destroyed and prematurely ending up in a landfill. 

I hope you find some time to declutter this month so that you can experience the joy of owning less. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hi!! My name is Suzanne and I live in central PA with my husband and three girls. I love yoga, pickleball, camping, spending time with my family, and decluttering!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Suzanne!
    Thankful beyond words for you and
    happily decluttered. As I have said
    to you, you are a God-sent gift to us!
    Appreciate you and all you do!

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