January: Happiness Highlights

We are almost one full month into 2021! I spent the last night of 2020 having a sleepover in my basement with my husband and three girls, eating appetizers from the best local pizza place, and watching home videos. It wasn’t a “normal” New Years Eve, due to Covid, but it was perfect. 

After starting my Happiness Highlights journal last month, it has become easier to see all the positive things going on around me. Instead of rushing around mindlessly on autopilot or thinking “what if”, I am pausing more and just being.

I have been using my Happiness Highlights journal to record snippets of the small things that brought me joy each day. It is a daily reminder to focus on the positive at the end of each day.

Moving forward, I will share some of my highlights with you at the end of each month throughout the year. I hope they help you pause and think about all the great small things that happened in your month.

January’s Happiness Highlights:

  • The sound of my middle child laughing. Whenever I hear her I like to pause and listen. There is so much joy in her laughter.
  • A visit to a tree my cousin and his family had planted in remembrance of my grandparents.
  • Playing games as a whole family. It is so fun now that my youngest is starting to catch on.
  • Getting my Happily Decluttered logo and updating my site to better fit my style.
  • Finding a hobby with my Happy Planner and simplifying my planning and notes.
  • Watching the birds flock to my feeders right after I fill them.
  • Making a batch of Chewy Brownie Cookies and then eating them all in one day because they were so good! (My family helped😁)
  • Sitting and enjoying the evening sky.
  • Keeping up with my goal to practice yoga everyday.

Do you have any Happiness Highlights from your month that you would like to share? If you wrote a post about it, include a link!

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Hi!! My name is Suzanne and I live in central PA with my husband and three girls. I love yoga, pickleball, camping, spending time with my family, and decluttering!

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  1. What an inspiring post! I’m finding myself looking for joy in the little things lately. Today we had beautiful sunny weather and the birds were singing so loudly. I had to just stop and listen. 🙂

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