How to Avoid Dining Room Table Clutter

That large, flat surface looks inviting when you enter your home with armloads of miscellaneous items. It’s easy to dump your stuff and then go about your day. However, once clutter starts to accumulate on your dining room table, it creates problems.

The Issues

  1. A mess in plain sight is not visually pleasant. 
  2. You are less likely to eat dinner together as a family. 
  3. You will waste time looking for misplaced items.
  4. Excessive stimuli can cause you to feel stressed. 
  5. Half-complete projects will get lost in the chaos. 

Steps to Declutter the Dining Room Table

  1. Toss any trash. 
  2. Return the items that have a set place in your home.
  3. Establish a spot for anything that doesn’t have a set place in your home.
    • Add a hook by the door to hang your keys, bag, or dog leash.
    • Create a habit of taking care of mail as soon as it arrives. Cut down on the amount you receive by switching to paperless notifications and calling to remove yourself from unnecessary offers and other junk mail.
    • Add a lower bar or hooks in your coat closet, so your younger children can hang up their jackets. 

Helpful Hints to Keep Clutter Away

  • Make decluttering a part of your lifestyle.
  • Ensure everything has a set place in your home.
  • Set your table to prepare for your next meal or add a centerpiece.
  • If you use your dining room table for puzzles or other activities that take time, try working on a portable surface that you can easily pick up and store half-completed projects elsewhere.
  • When bringing in items from your car, return them immediately to their set place. Make an extra trip to the car instead of carrying in more than you can hold. 

What are some items that typically end up on your dining room table? 

Published by Suzanne- Happily Decluttered

Hi!! My name is Suzanne and I live in central PA with my husband and three girls. I love yoga, pickleball, camping, spending time with my family, and decluttering!

7 thoughts on “How to Avoid Dining Room Table Clutter

  1. Dining room table clutter is one of my pet peeves – it constantly gets in the way of the next activity, whether that’s a meal or a craft project. I stopped even putting a centrepiece or flowers on my table because I’m constantly moving it off

  2. Great post as always with excellent suggestions, Suzanne! I am another who HATES clutter on the dining table! Now that my life partner is back on the East Coast, the table stays clean except when I’m working on something for which I need space. 🌞

  3. This is me at the moment and I hate it but I was organising my second bedroom into a study and somehow have not got around to clearing things and now using the dining room table. That’s it. I have to do something. LOL

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