January: Happiness Highlights

We are almost one full month into 2021! I spent the last night of 2020 having a sleepover in my basement with my husband and three girls, eating appetizers from the best local pizza place, and watching home videos. It wasn’t a “normal” New Years Eve, due to Covid, but it was perfect.  After startingContinue reading “January: Happiness Highlights”

Focus On The Positive: Happiness Highlights

Each day is filled with moments. They range from awesome to horrible and can fall anywhere in between. It’s easy to allow the negative moments to overtake your day. I’m guilty myself of getting caught up in negative news, bad attitudes, and disappointments. And if I’m not careful, I might even end up saying thatContinue reading “Focus On The Positive: Happiness Highlights”

December: Happiness Highlights

Lately I noticed that many bloggers are writing about gratitude journals and it got me thinking… I had attempted writing in a gratitude journal in the past, but it didn’t last very long. It was an assignment from a professional development course I was in and it felt forced and structured. I didn’t get anythingContinue reading “December: Happiness Highlights”