Ways to Declutter your Mind

What is Mental Clutter? Mental clutter is any thought keeping you from the present moment.  You could be lost in negative thoughts about the past, caught up comparing yourself to others on social media, thinking about something you need to do, or worrying about the future.  Basically, mental clutter includes all of the thoughts thatContinue reading “Ways to Declutter your Mind”

Be Present: Ditch The Mental Clutter

Over the past several years, I have developed a system and routine to keep my home decluttered. On Wednesdays, I plan on continuing to post about how to declutter different areas of your home, as well as how to make decisions about what is important to you so that you can keep the things thatContinue reading “Be Present: Ditch The Mental Clutter”

Focus On The Positive: Happiness Highlights

Each day is filled with moments. They range from awesome to horrible and can fall anywhere in between. It’s easy to allow the negative moments to overtake your day. I’m guilty myself of getting caught up in negative news, bad attitudes, and disappointments. And if I’m not careful, I might even end up saying thatContinue reading “Focus On The Positive: Happiness Highlights”

Christmas Celebrations: Finding the Positive in Less

Normally, the month of December for me and my family is filled with parties, cookie making get-togethers, concerts, milk and cookie storytimes, and many more Christmas themed activities. It is always fun and exciting! I think it goes without saying that this December has and will continue to be much different. Although it would beContinue reading “Christmas Celebrations: Finding the Positive in Less”

Be Happy: Happiness Highlights

Lately I noticed that many bloggers are writing about gratitude journals and it got me thinking… I had attempted writing in a gratitude journal in the past, but it didn’t last very long. It was an assignment from a professional development course I was in and it felt forced and structured. I didn’t get anythingContinue reading “Be Happy: Happiness Highlights”